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Greenlight PVP Laser

What is the Greenlight PVP laser (GLL)?

The GLL is a novel and revolutionary modality for the treatment of symptomatic obstructing prostate enlargement. The GLL is a minimally invasive treatment that offers the benefits of more traditional surgical procedures without the side effects and downtime. The technology uses laser energy to remove enlarged prostate tissue to enable urine flow without customary side effects.

How does the laser treat the obstucting tissue?

A laser fiber is inserted via a cystoscope and is positioned in close proximity to the obstructing tissue resulting in vaporization of the tissue and creating a channel for better urinary flow. Through the removal of the enlarged prostate tissue, natural urine flow is rapidly restored and patients are quickly relieved of any urinary symptoms causing damage prior to the procedure.

How do the results compare to the TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate)?

The TURP was considered the “gold standard” for the management of prostate obstruction. The GLL has demonstrated results which are comparable if not superior to the TURP resulting in fewer TURP’s being performed. Also, the GLL does not carry the risk of side effects such as impotence, incontinence and bleeding associated with TURP.

What are the advantages of the GLL?

The GLL is clearly a “kinder and gentler” approach for the relief of bladder outlet obstruction and allows for the procedure to be performed in the out-patient ambulatory setting. Furthermore, there is practically no downtime involved, with no hospital stay and patients can quickly return to their daily activities. While drug therapies are safe and effective, they can be expensive and do not work for everyone. The GLL offers a minimally invasive alternative to more traditional methods of treatment, with no undesired side effects.

Is a urinary catheter used after the procedure?

Often a urinary drainage catheter is used temporarily in the immediate post-procedure period to allow the bladder to “rest” particularly when the patient was retaining urine prior to the GLL. In the majority of cases the urinary catheter can be removed within 24 hours, as patients make a rapid and effective recovery. Most patients can return home within a few hours following the Green Light Procedure, and non-strenuous activities in just a matter of days.

What are the objective findings after a GLL?

The patients report dramatic improvement of flow rates and overall symptomatic relief with an early return to normal functioning and activities. Less than 1% of patients reported cases of erectile dysfunction following GLL therapy. With rapid recovery times and spectacular overall improvements, the GLL is quickly becoming a popular alternative to more invasive surgeries.

Greenlight PVP Laser
A kinder and gentler surgical approach for the relief of bladder outlet obstruction

What is the long-term prognosis after the procedure?

Patients report high levels of satisfaction with sustainable response rates. On rare occasions, re-growth of obstructing prostate tissue can be re-treated. Furthermore, it has been reported that there is only a very low risk of sexual dysfunction. A body of clinical evidence supports the durability of the procedure, dramatically increasing urine flow in both the short-term and the long-term.

How long has the GLL been used in clinical practice?

The GLL has a solid track record and has been used in our community for approximately ten years with excellent results. Over 200,000 patients worldwide have been treated with GreenLight, with magnificent results.

Are there limitations in using the GLL?

The size of the prostate gland had been a limiting factor however newer fibers with higher energy have permitted more effective vaporization in these larger glands. Unlike the TURP, many patients on blood thinning agents can undergo the GLL without stopping these critical medications. Many patients who are not candidates for surgery can use the GreenLight laser treatment.

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