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Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is the sixth most prevalent cancer in the United States accounting for more than 70,000 reported cases annually and more than 12,000 deaths. Over the past several years there has been a rising incidence in the diagnosis of bladder cancer. Cigarette smoking and industrial chemical exposure are regarded as the major risk factors.

The diagnosis of bladder cancer very often is accompanied by blood in the urine as the first symptom. A urinalysis and NMP22 is the first step in the evaluation. Other helpful tests may include bladder ultrasound, cystoscopy with biopsy and radiologic imaging.

The majority of bladder cancers involves the superficial lining of the bladder and can be managed effectively. The high risk of recurrences mandates a strict surveillance program. Other treatments may include intravesical chemotherapy. Tumors involving the muscle wall will require cystectomy with or without chemotherapy and radiation.

"I had routine annual checkup with Dr. Frank about 4 years ago. He was not happy with urine specimen and sent it out for further testing. Result: Bladder Cancer shown on wall of bladder. Treated successfully and retested on a regular basis thereafter. Had it not been for his astute testing and proper diagnosis at the early stage of my cancer, I would not be here now to recommend him and tell this history!"
– DMS (very satisfied patient!)

"Dr. Frank was on call for another doctor when I needed a urologist for the first time. When I called his office and explained my problem, I was told to come right in. Dr. Frank discovered a tumor in my bladder and scheduled surgery for the next day. Within a few days, I found out the tumor was malignant. I was very upset but he explained the treatment in detail. He told my husband and I that he would monitor my condition frequently. He was very kind and comforting. That was five years ago and I still have my bladder thanks to Dr. Frank. I wouldn’t trust my bladder to any other urologist! His office staff has always been very caring and helpful. I know when I’m at the office I will be cared for with kindness and compassion."
– KS

Dr. Frank sees patients at his West Orange office from nearby New Jersey towns, serving Livingson, Short Hills, Millburn, Maplewood, Montclair, Essex Fells, South Orange, Verona, Caldwell, and West Caldwell.